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Beautiful Chaos

When love crosses all boundaries is the message you find in Beautiful Chaos When love crosses all boundaries is the message you find in Beautiful Chaos

Speaking your mind

May 2, 2017

Staff Reporter

Joahnnesburg, South Africa: Beautiful Chaos, a new South African novel by former Durban author and journalist, Zaheera Walker, is not what one would classify as your typical romance story. This certainly wasn’t wasn't what you would expect. This is and exciting, fast-paced story that will leave you heartbroken, healed or content. This is the sort of a book with a message that tugs at the heartstrings and hopefully encourage people to speak their minds.

It revolves around the life and world of Kajal Maharaj. She has the perfect parents, a career that drives her, a best friend and the spunk to tomboy her way through life. She has everything going for her until she logs into her account one evening and Facebook leads her to Seraj Daniels. They meet for coffee and fit together like pieces in a puzzle. Between juggling reports for work and catching up with him on WhatsApp, the buzz in her head is reminding her to be true to herself. She is falling in love but it won't be easy – a Muslim guy can’t possibly love a Hindi girl, can he? Should she tell him, could she tell him...and what happens when it is out in the open?

There is a lot of truth in the storyline; it sounds like a realistic love story and the story is delivered with a punch. The characters are interesting - Seraj takes your heart away with him. He is gentle and sincere and well mannered. Kajal too is very interesting but beware: she swears like a sailor. This story teaches you that life is too short to be scared. Grab it by the horns and livening to the fullest.

Beautiful Chaos is available on Amazon.com or as a paperback from Skoobs Theatre of Books, Montecasino in Fourways, Johannesburg.


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