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President Ramaphosa declares a National State of Disaster

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President declares Coronavirus national disaster. Supplied President declares Coronavirus national disaster.

Ramaphosa announces strict measures to deal with Covid-19 crisis

March 15, 2020

Staff reporter 

Parliament, South Africa: Tonight President Cyril Ramaphosa declared a National State of Disaster.

As of today:

▪Infected as of Sunday: 61
▪Internal Transmission Occuring
▪Limit Contact between Persons
▪Travel Ban from High Risk (italy iran south korea spain germany uk usa, china as of 18 mar 2020)

South Africans are to Refrain from travelling to:

▪UK/USA/Europe/China/Iran/South Korea
▪People who visited High Risk areas as of mid Feb - are required to come in for testing

South Africa has 72 ports of entry land/sea/airport:

▪53 Land Ports, 35 Shut down as of Monday
▪2 out of 8 sea port closed for passengers
▪Non essential travel prohibited
▪*Non essential domestic travel to be stopped*


▪Limit contact groups of people
▪Gatherings of more than 100pax = prohibited
▪All mass celebration public holidays cancelled
▪Organizers to put in place stringent measures for <100pax events


▪Schools will be closed from Wed 18 Mar
▪Schools will remain closed till after Easter
(July Holidays shortened by week ?)


▪Mining retail banking farming to introduce measures for hygene control
▪Shopping Malls / Entertainment centres to bolster hygene control

Citizens to Change behaviour:

▪Wash Hands frequently with soap + water or hand sanitizers for minimum 20sec
▪Cover nose/mouth cough/sneeze with tissue/flexed elbow
▪Avoid anyone with flulike symptoms
▪Minimize physical contact
▪Use Elbow greeting *no shaking hands*

The Government also thanked businesses who have taken steps to protect their employees.

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