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UN chief asks to boost peacebuilding fund

UN chief asks to increase peacebuilding fund. United Nations UN chief asks to increase peacebuilding fund.

Funding to help fight poverty

March 6, 2018

Staff Reporter 

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres this week asked to increase the UN Peacebuilding Fund to half a billion US dollars per year.

The fund's initial funding target was $250 million (R 2 934 437 500,00).

"Failure to make progress on financing peacebuilding will undermine our other efforts to save lives, stabilise countries in crisis, alleviate suffering and protect the vulnerable.

"We are witnessing unnecessary human suffering on a scale that is hard to comprehend," Guterres explained to the general assembly.

The fund, launched in 2006 to support activities, programmes and organisations working for lasting peace in countries emerging from conflict is a critical tool for peace.

Guterres said, adding it can unlock funding from other sources and provides resources for projects that are too risky for others to invest in.

Many of its programmes support women and young people.

"I urge all those with the power to do so, to allow us to increase the fund's resources to 500 million dollars annually," he said.