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MDDA calls for release of abducted photojournalist

Today marks exactly one year since photojournalist Shiraaz Mohamed was abducted YouTube Today marks exactly one year since photojournalist Shiraaz Mohamed was abducted

Shiraaz Mohamed still alive

January 10, 2018

Staff Reporter

South Africa: The Media Development and Diversity(MDDA) has come out condemning attacks entrenched on the rights of journalists and has made a call for the urgent release of photojournalist Shiraaz Mohamed.

The MDDA made the call following reports that the kidnapped photojournalist is still alive. However, his whereabouts still remain unknown.

“While the MDDA welcomes reports by the Gift of the Givers that they have received proof that the photojournalist is still alive, the MDDA joins the collective call for the urgent release and return of Shiraaz to his family, friends and colleagues in the media,” said the MDDA in a statement.

Today (January 10, 2018) marks exactly a year since Mohammed was kidnapped in Syria whilst he was making his way back to the Turkish border.

Mohamed was kidnapped in Syria while with the South African international humanitarian organisation, Gift of the Givers.

Gift of the givers said in a statement they have received evidence that Mohammed is still alive.

The Non-Profit Organisation(NPO) specified that it received a call on December 26, 2017 with the callers claiming they were “the door to Shiraaz”.

Following the call, the Gift of the Givers put together a list of questions in consultation with Mohamed’s family to assess whether their son was alive.

On January 02, 2018, the NPO received another call confirming that the questions were answered.

According to Gift of the Givers, the victim’s family did confirm that the questions were correctly answered and could only be answered by Mohamed.

The MDDA also condemned any attacks on journalists.

“Together with the worldwide media, the MDDA condemns any attacks on the entrenched right of journalists to work free from the threat of violence and to thereby ensure the right to access to information for all,” said the MDDA.

Mohamed is as well known to be a member of the MDDA sister organisation, Association of Independent Publishers (AIP). 

Amongst other initiatives, Mohamed started a community newspaper in Ennerdale, Gauteng.